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Hey everyone! 
So, I decided I wanted to start a blog for RenMind Services, which is the Creative Agency component of this here company. The other component being our Software, RenMind Network. www.renmind.net/renmind
I’ve been kicking around different ideas on what I want this blog to be… Do I want to use it as a place I can keep you updated on our brand and marketing projects? Do I want to use it as a way to convince you through subliminal messaging to use us on your next big food truck brand strategy? Do I want to use this as an avenue to show you what silly things go on inside these walls day in and day out? My experience, tips and tricks of being a designer/project manager in the agency world? Or should I just show you my favorite cat memes on YouTube?
I vote all of the above, except I don’t have a favorite cat meme yet… Someone help me find a favorite cat meme!
I think I'll start with this:
I want to share with you all what my experience is like working in a boutique marketing agency with a bunch of brilliant techies. I’m Susan, (^^third from the left^^) and I'm the Art Director at RenMind, a thoughtful marketing agency. Our set-up here at the office is a little different than most; unconventional to put it simply. We work in the basement of a co-working space and art gallery. The building we work in, Cali Commons, houses another software development company as well as a freelance copywriter that works for a firm out of NY. We talk, collaborate, and bounce concepts off one another daily; its a birthing place for big ideas. I’m the only female in an office that is shared with four other men. Liz, our intern, will pop in and out from time to time (she’s amazing btw). But let me say this: I love every minute I get to spend here. I adore these men on my team, and I’ve never worked with a more trusted and talented group of individuals. I think what sets us apart from any other agency is the mere fact that we are all such good friends. We’ve known each other for a long time, and we have the privilege to have been able to hand pick the best person for each role, while keeping it “in the family”. It’s easy to be creative when it’s supported and fed by people you trust. There is an almost perfect balance between us here at RenMind. We have the mad scientist, the wordsmith, the aesthetic engineer, the tech wizard, and the sexy stuff maker; all of whom have a level of empathy that would go unmatched when measured as one. What a total dream-team!
I just want to brag for a minute more: The guys have worked really hard over the last five years building a robust piece of software that could change the way digital marketing is implemented (RenMind Network). It could allow small business and entrepreneurs to hit the ground running with an affordable tool that has the broadest reach with just one click. It could allow multi-level corporations to organize, manage and disperse information and content to its audience in half the time, and then sit back and observe the response and interaction. It’s smart, it’s thoughtful, and it's going to make marketing easy and fun! You can learn more about the tool on our website, www.renmind.com
*Also, may I just point out, you are currently reading this from the front-end of the software. Presented to you by: Publish, a RenMind Network app.
We have been a mystery to many for a while, hiding out in the basement, but I want to use this platform as a way to share with you all a bit about who we are and what we do. I want to curate a thoughtful and fun thread for entrepreneurs, designers, writers, and strategists alike. I want to interact with you! Communication is what we do best at RenMind and I’m officially inviting you to join in on the conversation.
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The sexy stuff maker
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