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We think there are hundreds of different possible scalable service business networks you can build with RenMind Cable.  

Here are a few we’ve been thinking about:
Micro-Agency - Start an inbound marketing agency and you’ll be providing the strategy, messages and the delivery method for your clients.  Manage paid advertising and content to drive new leads and nurture them through the sales process with email.
Example: Hot Leads is a marketing agency uses RenMind Cable to publish content, capture leads and nurture them for their clients.  Hot Leads focuses on Facebook to acquire new interested parties.  They publish interesting content for their clients, and create capture events embeded in this content.
Franchise / Location Management - Offer your clients the ability to manage software, and web presence for 100’s of locations with multiple brands.  Our tools help them efficiently manage their franchisees resources with consistent marketing software, marketing materials, resources, billing and more all from a single application.
Example: Franchise Loop helps franchisors support their growing number of independent locations with marketing strategies, and content that scales across all their locations.  Franchise Loop helps manage 100’s of websites from one location.  Franchise Loop can even help the franchisor capture and nurture new prospects.
Marketing Associations - How do you differentiate your association?  If you offer your members access to software along side of your other benefits you may be able to raise your monthly dues and increase their odds of success.
Example: Omaha Artist Network helps local companies launch and get the most out of their local network with weekly programming, networking events and digital marketing software.
Other speculative opportunities
We've been exploring other possible markets for the last few years and we think with a few simple modifications these industries and others might prove interesting.
Municipalities communication management - Manage your city departments from one location.  Keep your city brand consistent and measure your communication efforts across the full system.  
Publication management - Manage your content producers by giving them their own publication space.  Promote the best materials in your official publication brands.  
Manufacturer networks - Manage the dealer and distributor communication systems for independent manufacturers.   

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518 N 40th St
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(402) 516-2899