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RenMind has built many web based solutions for many great organizations, but our number one request has been to build a set of tools to help market their services to a wider audience. After years of development we came up with a marketing platform that helps our clients generate leads, land new business and nurture the relationships they already have. We know it can work for you too, so that’s why we’re spreading the word about Wire!

So, What Exactly Is Wire?

It’s a marketing platform built on the back of powerful contact management and email communication. There are also a variety of other apps that all work together to reach your audience:
  • Contact is the core of Wire. It combines contact management with email to help you stay in touch and continuously grow your audience
  • Publish is a content creation tool that lets you post and promote your message through our blog application. Keep your audience up to date on what’s going on with your company
  • Review lets you solicit reviews, share and display them in a variety of ways. It’s completely under your control, and every new review is a new opportunity follow up on a lead
  • Offer is a way to make coupons and offers, easily share them and track sign-ups. Each new sign up is a new opportunity for lead capture, and it filters right into your contacts area
  • Giveaway lets you create contests to share with your customers and broaden your reach. Not only is it a fun way to interact with your audience, but it’s another way to find new leads

All of these marketing tools are bundled into one seamless product with added statistics and tracking, so you can keep improving. When you combine it with your chosen social media outlets, you have a very powerful way to reach your audience.

Why Will Wire Work For Your Business?

Wire gives you a powerful marketing software suite that was designed to work for small business owners. It gives you control over what tools you want to use to attract new business. Create content, start conversations, track your progress, refine your message… and just keep making your marketing message stronger.

Communication is Wire’s Thing

Wire gives you multiple ways to communicate with customers. You might see that someone signed up for a Giveaway contest on social media, which gives you a chance to follow up with email. You can direct them to an Offer to buy one of your products and encourage them to leave a Review later. These are all chances to keep your clients engaged and make your company the first one they’ll want to do business with, or refer to a friend. It’s made to work for the small business owner… it’s made to work for you.

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518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899