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Recent updates/features below for RenMind Network: 7/21/17

Account Settings Profile
  • Add new profile field for License
  • Make subject line show up properly in Sent > Stats at top
  • Fix Scheduled Emails list page to no longer display unexpected list names for Email Series sends
  • Add shortcodes for new License profile field and update bulk/single and all template/style/opt-in areas (both Wire and Cable for global)
Contact Fields
  • Update field listing and field pages to allow user to change the default/system fields "Make field visible/editable in contact's profile" option (Contacts access profile with the "Update your contact info" link in emails. Email Address and Status fields are not editable.).
  • Update field page to disallow editing of Field Name and Field Type for default fields
  • Code and database adjustments for potential errors with special characters used in custom fields
Publish App
  • Add delete option for posts on listing page
Wire Sites
  • Fix issue for featured sidebar content not displaying (update code for compatability with AWS server)
Wire Login
  • Fixed issue with updating password for Wire accounts
518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899