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As a very recent college graduate I have a lot of thinking to do. I have to think about how I’m going to apply what I’ve learned in college to the work I’ll be doing from this point forward. As an intern at RenMind I also want to apply the support I get from working at such an open community and the access I get to the software, RenMind Wire, to my motivations and goals for my individual future. I have so many varying skillsets, finding out how I can unify them is going to be a difficult task.

  • As a French Major I have to ask myself ‘how can I apply the reasoning and point of view I’ve acquired to my working life?’ and as I continue through my life how can I retain or even grow my level of fluency from Omaha?

  • As a passive student of art how can I help myself grow as an artist? How do I want to apply my experience with book arts and my experience painting and drawing together?

  • As an avid photographer, obsessed with film, how can I grow this skill beyond my amateur level? I really want to have a more involved and hands on approach to photography, as far as even printing my own photos on my hand made paper.

  • My interest in the fashion industry, despite trying to ignore its appeal to me has never swayed since deciding 8 years ago to not go to school for fashion. I’ve volunteered for Omaha Fashion Week each season since 2010 to satisfy my obsession and that experience in itself has given me so much incite into the behind the scenes. I even have the skillset to sit down and sew my own collection. I’ve been an avid sewer since 2004 and I know how to make my own patterns.

  • Growing up I played the flute, in band and through private lessons. I’ve learned since then how special it is to know how to read music and understand scales. I want to actively pursue applying that knowledge to learning more instruments. I want to learn the banjo and bass guitar, write songs, and perform.

  • Dance has been an important way for me to blow off stress. I’m a self taught hoop dancer which I’ve supplemented with dance classes like hip-hop and ballet.

  • I’m enthralled by opinion and politics. I love my country and I expect it to always be improving and I’d like to be more actively involved with it.

  • And finally how can I satisfy my wandering mind that wants to travel as frequently as possible? I feel most creative when I travel. I find special spots for myself where I sit and take in my surroundings and draw my most beautiful thoughts. Nurturing this is a luxury in itself and affording it will be a difficult task.

Holy moly is that list longer than I even imagined it be. How can I make these skills work together? Bounce one off the other to make me a better person who is more intune with her skillset? I want to foster my interests and be satisfied with my final products. I may be done with school, but I’m certainly not done learning.
Omaha, NE 68132
(402) 516-2899