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I like thinking about things in layers.  In this case the layers are all connected by the internet.  Let me digress just for a second (even though we haven’t started) to ensure we all grasp this detail.  

The internet is a socially invisible network of connected computers (billions) that have been programmed to send us the information we request as we need it.  It is distributed, maintained by billions of workers, automated code, fiberoptic cables. Anyone can add to the internet with the right equipment and knowledge. This sets the stage for our media analogy, we’ll call it "layers of web experience".
L1 - Augmented Reality is the layer above it all, providing meta data visualizations for our real world.  It’s like seeing over our reality.  Example: It is the backup camera in our car.  Note: AR is not necessarily device specific like a phone or a new gaming device, the menus on satellite television is arguably a sort of A.R. technology that has been operating for decades.
L2 - Desktop environment (laptop) is the full perspective of the web, digital work world. It’s all about being heads down for data collection, organization, strategy and maybe efficiency.  Example: It’s like planning to take a ride in your car, there’s lots of information, directions you can go. 
L3 - Mobile internet devices (phones, tablets, watches) exist as personal, interactive controllers. It is your primary perspective of the world (digitally speaking, of course you are the primary).  It allows you to get information and contacts directly.  It is with you always.  Example: You are taking a walk to your destination.
L4 - Television is zoomed all the way in, it is best for direct and shared views of content and delivering immersive experiences.  Controls are not needed as they are part of your primary perspective.  Example: Your friends come over to see a few short videos of your car trip and then watch a movie.
L5 - Virtual Reality is a layer below the television, it is shared experiences that are fully immersive and extremely personal.  Fully immersive, private environments that are constructed by developers.  Example: It’s like if Google Earth... if it operated in real time.  We could fly over the earth and zoom in and experience life at any point, at any resolution we choose.  Note: V.R. does more than let you be in a new environment… you’ll be a part of it and interact with inhabitants and environments.  
Optimizing our products and services around these experience profiles should help align our collective experiences with a more comfortable relationship with the devices, what they can and should do, and maybe even what we should watch out for in a security mind.  
RenMind is creating a shared infrastructure for communicating on these digital layers of reality.  We need your support, you can help by:
1.) Joining the Common.Network with your small business or organization.
2.) Starting your own 'Community Label' on the same network that runs Common.Network
3.) Hire us directly!  We’d love a direct contract for private or shared user research, design and development efforts.
Not sure IF we can help you?  It never hurts to ask. Ask us!
518 N 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899