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Recent updates/features below for RenMind Network: 6/7/17

New Feature: Email Series
You can manually stop or start a series, or just check progress

  • Create/edit series at Email>Email Series
  • Attach series to bottom of edit form pages
  • Signups to the form will begin getting emails based on days set (0 is same day)
  • Manage a contacts series under the updated management section in contacts list

Update: Contact Management Additions

  • Related to the above – a tabbed format has been created for managment of Notes, Email Series, and Tags

New Feature: Form Email Shortcodes

  • Shortcode box for Forms added to Email creation page
  • Allows you to add links/buttons to your email that will direct a contact to a form
  • This method will allow a contacts information to be updated (can add additional fields they may have not filled out on thier initial signup).
  • It will also auto-fill any fields they already have records for

New Feature: Pitch Pages

  • New App now available for alll users to activate under MyAccount>MyApps
  • Acts as a landing page/microsite, and can optionally add a "Home" link to your Wire menu that directs users to it
  • Can add images to a top banner (multiple will fade/transition), change main bg and font colors, edit main content zone, add a capture form to the bottom (can include forms with series), optionally display company profile area and choose whether to display top menu etc
  • Multiple Pitch Pages can be created but currently only one can be set as Active (it is planned in the future to be able to have multiple actives and then you'd set one as your 'home' optionally)

Update: Exporting Contacts function improved

  • Improvements to code have been made to better clean the fields (some characters were causing problems for the .csv)

Odds and ends

SSL/Security updates
Initial migration of infrastructure to AWS

518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899