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Software cooperative built for marketing local businesses - As imagined in April of 2014 per evernote artifact.

Leverage a community! Get access to a growing software collection and a creative community to support your small business.
We believe that local business is a fundamental building block for an engaged and connected community.  We leverage the power of community to build software and support services that are feature rich and affordable to help local businesses compete based on the quality of their products and services, not their access to innovative tools.   
What do we do?
RenMind Network is focused on providing web-based software tools that make communication with prospects and existing contacts better.
How do we do it?
Well we know the business, we've personally consulted for years with franchisors, making unique products and providing design and development services to them.  And while every industry has different needs we think over time we can fill a lot of them.
What makes us different?
We are a network of ever expanding marketing and business applications.  We leverage our community of 100s of local businesses to drive development, and inform product revisions to find a balance that benefits everyone.
What is RenMind Network?
It's like a software cooperative and it means more bang for your buck.  And as a customer you get to influence our decisions.
Who is using us?
National Property Inspections
City of Papillion
Thurston MFG
Clocktower Chiropractic
How do we develop?
Our Agile inspired Software Methodology
  1. Working software is the measure of progress.  We think the best way to develop is to get something up fast and improve it over time.  In this way we can test things like statisfaction, trying to reveal weak places to make improvements fast and continuously deliver stronger software.  For this reason we want to get software working as quickly as possible and refine it over time.
  2. Features prioritized by Value of Impact - Whenever possible we prioritize changes based on a ratio called Value of Impact: or the maximum number of customers helped, over the estimated time to implement. This lets us work on the features that significantly addresses a use case need with the biggest impact with the least amount of time spent.
  3. Drive Engagement with Continuous Delivery - We use shorter release cycle with approximately 2 weeks for planning and design specs and 2 week development time, and monthly updates about what's new for customers.  Because development cycles are short we can be dynamic, and burst into newly conceived changes.  We welcome changing requirements based on evolving needs, even late in development cycle.  Simplicity—the art of maximizing the amount of work not done—is essential.
  4. Focus on Informed Design - Customer satisfaction is driven by well designed solutions informed by needs and real feedback from customers.  That's why we spend equal amounts of time designing and developing, and why we are trying to constantly improve our customer feedback loops.
  5. Patient, constant consolidation - It is important for time to elapse between iterations of specific features, simplicity often comes from consolidation of many different types of feedback.  Gradual daily reflection and longer feedback cycles can be required for creating balance in sensitive multi-use systems.
  6. Engaged team development - Close weekly / bi-weekly cooperation between business people and the development team is critical in creating innovative solutions. Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication for engagement.  It is important to separate current needs and problems from possible solutions and for the project designer to take all feedback into consideration when making delivery specs.
Streamline existing applications and process for adding new software - Updating how accounts work, using mod-rewrite to use virtual redirection over actual file creation, start using universal grid system (css class styled buttons), checking in on security along the way (how can we keep contacts segmented from user to user), create mobile versions with auto redirect (show full screen)
  • We are going to make the software for one client, then make it as easy as possible to drop it over to be available to all users (who have pro accounts).  
  • We are going to handle automating notification / messages for each application
  • We are going to make a dashboard for each application with what we think are important measures, compared to last 30 / 60 / 90 / 180 / 365 Days
  • We will want all visitor / public data to be available at a mini-site renmind.net/shortURL/ and also at application.com/shortURL for just the specific functions of that software.
  • We are going to ask for [suggestion/question] feature requests / improvements / bug reports from everyone, this will be available on each page and report the url, company name, personal contact, email address, phone number for each report.
518 N 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899